Weekend Wrap v Subiaco-Floreat

Mixed fortunes for the Roos this round, with Threes delivering a firm victory with lots of eye-contact, several poised games (and one potential trouncing) abandoned, Ones falling short for the first time this season and the ever reliable Women storming onward.

1st Grade

Subiaco Floreat 7/220 def. Wanneroo 10/174

Sun was out on a glorious first day at Floreat Park and the skipper played his role to win the toss and bat on what looked like a very good wicket. The top order struggled early collapsing to 3/20 in the first session before Trav ‘ol’ reliable’ Birt and Josh ‘free’ Mason stabilised through the middle of the innings, with the later scoring his first fifty for the club, a patient and well compiled 62. There was some late striking from the ‘more Christopher’ Quelch to get the team up to 174, which although the wicket turned out to be a little ‘two paced,’ was certainly under par.  We were able to pick up 2 wickets prior to the end of day 1 leaving Subiaco 2/43 overnight heading into the second.

The bowlers toiled hard in week 2 without much luck on what was a very slow wicket given the amount of rainfall in the previous few days. Subiaco-Floreat were risk averse and ended up the passing the score with 4 wickets in hand, with the pick of the bowlers being Kyle ‘Jenny Craig’ Millar (3/49) and also a notable mention to Smudger who consistently created chances. All in all it was a disappointing but competitive loss in the One’s first two day game, which they will build from and charge into round 6 against South Perth.

2nd Grade

Wanneroo drew Subiaco Floreat 7/263

The 2s lost the toss and were having bowl at kingsway 1 they started strongly with a dicko direct hit runout. Walts and dicko both then grabbed a wicket each and the roos were looking good having subi 3/45. Subi batsman batted ok then old wise man bill got the wicket of subi batsman EJ chivers for 49!! To have them 4for 98. Subi then batted very well In what was a very long last session for the roos, subi Floreat finished 7 /273 billington pick of the bowlers with 3/59 off 24. Slats also bowled tidy picking up 1

Day 2 there was no play due to a wet pitch resulting in the match being abandoned. Take the points but.

*WDCC 2’s wrap written on Etch-A-Sketch and submitted using a Nokia 3310*

 3rd Grade

Subiaco Floreat (10/213) def. by Wanneroo (8/306)

In case you somehow missed the quite amazing Tr33s wrap (or fancy just enjoying it again), you can find it here.


4th Grade

Wanneroo 0/42 (harshly) drew Subiaco Floreat 10/119

Rocking up to Kingsway 2 on a hot day knowing our Illustrious Leader Carroll had won the past three democratic coin tosses, the ‘Elite 4s’ were more than confident of legitimately winning a fourth term and batting. Not to be, he lost – so Subiaco-Floreat put us into bowl.

They must have immediately regretted that decision in the most Sri Lanka v Australia sort of way, as Yaseen “Mo” Afridi got the boys off to a flyer taking 2 wickets from the first 2 balls of the match.  . After a 3rd wicket partnership from the visitors, Dom got the breakthrough to have the visitors 3/31 and in real deep trouble. Some quality chat from Jacob ‘new rig’ Bonner got in the heads of the Subiaco boys and they fell away from their platform of 5/82 to ultimately be bowled out for 119 after 54 overs. Yaseen ended with figures of 4/15 from 9 overs.

We had 21 overs left Tim “Ellen DeGeneres” Harris and Jacob ‘ex-Dictator’ Bonner went out to bat. Showing Subiaco-Floreat how to bat they got through to stumps with a delicious score of 0/42. From such a commanding position nothing short of adverse weather conditions would be able to prevent their swift and decisive victory the following week.

Day 2 abandoned due to adverse weather conditions.

Under 17 T20 Women

Subiaco Floreat (10/39) def. by Wanneroo (4/40)

Our female Roo’s secured another comprehensive win in Round 5 away v  Subi Floreat. Our opening bowlers, Emma Schonfeldt and Emilie Nicholls started well with Emilie getting an early break through. Our first change pair of Renae Bugg and Ella Stewart continuing the pressure with Renae finding a nice length with 2 wickets and Ella mixing flight with accuracy and adding a further 3 wickets from just 2 overs. Shayna Jesani and Emma Wilson finally mopped up the tail alongside the impressive Breanna Giandzi generating some good pace and reducing our hosts to a very modest 39.

A stuttering start which took a while to get going saw 3 early wickets go down to some impressive bowling from Subi. However the maturing Shayna Jesani guided also by Ella Stewart saw our female Roo’s home with the latter finishing with 14 not out.

We continue our 3 away game run at Melville next week who are unbeaten and remain top of the ladder; our ever improving Roo’s will look forward to this next challenge.

Seventeens Men

Subiaco Floreat (8/131) def. by Wanneroo 5/280 – AG Varsani 115*, C Spangenberg 68, S Williams 33

Fifteens Men

Wanneroo 118 drew Subiaco Floreat 0/26. Day 2 abandoned.

For full results visit our new and quite excellent latest results page at https://www.wanneroodcc.com.au/results/

Weekend wrap v Subi – Third Grade

3rd Grade spent two glorious Saturday’s in the affluent suburb of Floreat, surrounded by grand real estate leafy foliage.

After watching Aryan “A.V. DeBilliers” Versani clip a century in the 17s, skipper Mike “Adagrhrr” Ardagh won the toss and elected to bat, looking happier than Lachie Poulter finding a Tinder Match.

Openers Ardagh and Allan “Not Small” Hall continued their early season consistency, falling in consecutive overs for the 3rd game in a row. Jack “J-Mac” McDonald followed shortly after, and when Varsani couldn’t replicate his morning heroics after reaching 20, the visiting Roos were a little unsteady at 4/60.

As the old saying goes, “Cometh the hour, cometh Gra & Slatts”. And so it was true on this occasion, as Graeme “2019 Life Member?” Atkinson and Mitch “The Favourite” Slattery combined in a beautiful fusion of youth and wisdom. The pair batted the Trust Tree out of danger, then led the team into the bountiful pastures of junk time runs. Unfortunately for Atkinson, so delighted was he to find the oasis of runs, that he overindulged and found himself caught for 68.

If Subiaco-Floreat thought they could sniff a change in momentum, their noses were deceiving them, as the youngest Slattery found a new and possibly even more powerful ally in Donavinn “The Don” Fryer. Buoyed by his home country’s thus far successful Rugby World Cup campaign, the Frequent Fryer channeled his inner Lance Klusener and clubbed the shell-shocked Subi lads to all parts of Alderbury. Indeed, several residents were spotted on the phone to their insurance companies to check their window-related coverage and adjust their excesses accordingly.

Mitch, meanwhile, played the ultimate supporting role, quietly accruing runs like a diligent school child investing in their Dolarmite account throughout their Primary school years. Proud father Andrew Slattery was heard muttering that there would be no question which son would be receiving the best cut of steak at the dinner table that night.

By the time Slattery & Fryer had finished their Lapa-inspired feast of runs, they had broken the modern (post-MyCricket) WDCC 3rd Grade 6th wicket partnership with a whopping 169, falling just short of the club record for the 6th wicket (174, shout out to Dan Peters and Paul Dilena).

Fryer was the man to depart, caught and bowled for 91 as the total had reached 6/295.

Amidst the frantic final over flurry of runs, young Slattery sacrificed his potential red-ink for the team, run out for a masterful 89. And as the dust settled and the sun set in Floreat, the scoreboard gleamed with a triumphant 8/306 proudly on display.

Spirits were dampened mid-week, as the heavens opened on several occasions up to and including the Saturday required to defend such an imposing total. Much appreciation and respect should be given to the Subi-Floreat grounds man or woman, as they dutifully protected the pitch and square, such that play was underway within 20 minutes of the regular starting time.

The Wanneroo boys were in a positive and jovial mood, given that no 3rd Grade team in the history of global cricket has ever chased down 306 at Alderbury in the year 2019.

Fryer was paired with a contender for favourite Slattery son, the softly spoken yet surprisingly difficult to face Jordan “Katie Price” Slattery. The pair bowled smartly together, complimenting one another both figuratively and oratorically, before Fryer made the initial breakthrough via the method of stump rearrangement.

After some brief resistance, skipper Ardagh made the breakthrough with a smart catch behind the stumps by Mitch Slattery, well placed at this stage to go back-to-back recipient of the biggest steak.

Yet more grafting followed, with patience being the order of the day as the run rate slowly moved in the opposite direction of variable interest rates set by the Federal Reserve in the previous decade.

Eventually cracks began to show, and Darcy “The Big D” Forssman whittled out Subi’s 1st drop before J. Slattery made his claim for the Tomahawk steak by nicking off the new batsmen for a golden duck.

A similar story played out as Subi-Floreat reached 150 before the next wicket was unearthed by Lachie “LP Gas” Poulter. Before even Lachie could update his Tinder profile with his latest stat, he’d taken another wicket and victory was getting closer than the kick-off time of the World Cup Rugby Grand Final.

Subi’s resolute Captain received a life after skying a ball into the blazing sun, with Hall unable to move the required three feet to catch the ball after being blinded by the aforementioned fireball.

The reprieve was short-lived, as he became the 1st victim of Jared “Juice” Maunder with a handy catch completed by McDonald.

After some lusty and ultimately fruitless blows from Subi’s B. Lockwood, Maunder re-arranged the stumps and provided some advice to the outgoing batsman which only the genius possess and the insane lament. Maunder finished with 2/46.

Slattery (of the Jordan variety) snared the penultimate wicket, achieving the best bowling figures of the day (2/27) and thus securing the lobster thermidore from his brother.

After missing most of the Rugby World Cup Final, Fryer finally took the last wicket to finish with figures of 2/43. He looked much like a famous South African sprinter as he bolted faster than a speeding bullet on his way to the nearest television.

The Wanneroo boys, sans Fryer, gathered in the cozy change rooms to reflect on their 93 run victory and sing the Club song heartily whilst exchanging strong eye contact with one another.

This 10 point win for 3rd Grade sees them parachute into 6th place in the ladder, with a home game vs. South Perth to come. With any luck, the adjoining water park will be complete by then.

As always, a huge thank you to our scorer Jeanne Atkinson and our Manager Keith Atkinson, as well as all our loyal supporters, parents, partners and randoms walking behind the bowler’s arm.

Weekend Wrap

At the half way point of the round, the 3s, 4s and 17s are sitting pretty while 1s, 2s and 15s have their work cut out for them. Meanwhile the Seventeens Women juggernaut rolls one.

1st Grade

Match in progress: Roos defending 174.

Subiaco Floreat 2/43 v Wanneroo 10/174 – JW Mason 62, TR Birt 43


2nd Grade

Match in progress: Roos chasing 263.

Wanneroo v Subiaco Floreat 7/263 – DW Billington 3/59


3rd Grade

Match in progress: Roos defending 306.

Subiaco Floreat v Wanneroo 8/306 – D Fryer 91, M Slattery 89, GT Atkinson 68


4th Grade

Match in progress: Roos chasing 119.

Wanneroo 0/42 v Subiaco Floreat 10/119 – M Yaseen 4/15, T Ong 2/10


Under 17 T20 Women

Our female Roo’s secured another comprehensive win in Round 4 at home on Kingsway 1 v Midland Guildford. Our opening bowlers, Danni Eckley and Emma Schonfeldt started with a flourish with Danni snagging 2 wickets and Emma the 1. The pressure continued with another impressive display from Emilie Nicholls who took 2 wickets conceding just a single with the additional support bowling from Renae Bugg, Emma Wilson and Mathilda Stillitano all nicking a wicket a piece. Our ground fielding again required a collective acknowledgement and nod of approval from those watching with Renae Bugg rounding off a fine game with a run out alongside further run outs from Shayna Jesani and Eva Salisbury reducing Midland to a modest total of 59.

Tene Crafford carried her bat for a well-deserved 35 having lost Shayna Jesani leg before for 7. Emilie Nicholls alongside Tene saw the Roos’ home in the 14th over completing another carefully constructed chase down with Emilie ending on 12 not out.

We welcome back Emma Harvey from her short stay in New Zealand next week and look forward to meeting Subi Floreat for the first time this season as we embark on 3 away game journey during Rounds 5, 6 and 7.


Seventeens Men

Match in progress – WDCC defending 280.

Subiaco Floreat v Wanneroo 5/280 – AG Varsani 115*, C Spangenberg 68, S Williams 33


Fifteens Men

Match in progress – WDCC defending 118.

Wanneroo 118 v Subiaco Floreat 0/26


Fourteens Men

We traveled to Hillcrest to take on Baysie on a great afternoon for cricket, won the toss and had a bat. Riley Gillespie and Blake Holly put on an excellent opening partnership of 56 before Riley was unlucky to be given out. A steady stream of wickets continued to fall through the middle order before our lower order in Owen Brown, Jono Roberts and Callum Wilde stuck around to bat out the overs for 156. Blake top scored with 64.

Going out to field to defend a below par score, Baysie started well and the openers were still in at drinks and doing it easy. After a rev up by Coach Jimmy the boys picked it up and created some opportunities in the field. The squeeze was put on by our spinners in Matt Carroll, Tarun Jessani and Ben Carmignani. Scoreboard pressure was too much for the Baysie boys and they were bowled out for 126. Ben was the pick of the bowlers with 3 for 18 off 9 and Tyler Brown picked up the last couple with four run outs. A gutsy win by the boys to go 2 and 0 with still plenty to work on.


Thirteens Men

The Roos U13’s traveled out to Hillcrest to take on the Baysie Bears in the Inverarity Shield on what was a hot Sunday afternoon. After winning the toss we had a bat and made a solid start of 2 for 62 after 20 and we were in a good position to push this forward but the Baysie spinners tied us up a bit and we probably ended up 30-40 runs short of where we were hoping at 4 /125. Xander Glamazima carried his bat through the 40 overs to remain 45 not out and Hayden Cavanagh made 22 at No.3. Our bowling group was ready for the challenge and came out firing Jake O’Shea bowled with good pace and great areas but was too good to even get a nick. After 20 overs they were just behind us at the same time but the Baysie batsmen managed to step it up in the second 20 and come out on top comfortably in the end. Josh Redman bowled 7 quality overs of leg spin and along with our Captain Jake O’Shea were the best of our bowlers on the day. There was some quality cricket played but we let ourselves down in some key areas that we will keep working on at training. We now look forward to our next game where we will again be giving it our best.

Weekend Wrap – Rd 4 Mt Lawley

It was another good weekend for the mighty Roos, securing the elusive ‘Golden Roo’ with wins in all grades against the Hawks, including a nose finish by the Tr33’s. A maiden WDCC century to Kelvin Smith, and five-wicket-hauls to Leigh Millar and Yaseen the highlights. The 17s women continued their good early form following a strong pre-season with a win over Rockingham-Mandurah.

1st Grade

Rd 4 WDCC (6/274) def. Mount Lawley (203)

Down at Kingsway 1 the Ones kept their momentum going by cruising to a 71 run victory over Mt Lawley. With skipper Travis Birt winning the toss and electing to bat the Roos openers got to work. After losing an early wicket Wanneroo’s new poster boy Kelvin Smith alongside Rob ‘Chopper’ Richards got to work. With Rob making a valuable and patient 46, Kelvin made his first hundred for the club posting a chanceless 108. With a platform set and 20 overs to go TB Dynamo came to the crease and didn’t disappoint scoring a bruising 78 off 42 balls including 6 sixes.

After posting an imposing 274 it was time for the Roos to defend the total. With wickets hard to come by early Adam Smith was putting it on 5 cent piece and limiting early scoring. Following the power play the now 4 prong spin attack (due to the controversial inclusion of Anthony Alberto Del Borrello’s legspin) proceeded to “squeeze” the run flow and did so to great effect. There was a period of resistance from the Mt Lawley batsman, but they were no match for the spin cartel which took 7 wickets combined. The Roos finished off the game and now sit on top of the ladder with 3 wins from 3 games.

2nd Grade

Rd 4 WDCC (8/203) def. Mount Lawley (110)

After winning the toss and electing to bat, the Twos were in some early trouble at 6 for 80. Then Deon Billington and Daniel Sadik put on a 90 run stand that turned out to be the difference in the two sides. Deon ended up on 58 not out whilst Dan ‘Skip’ Sadik made 59. Wanneroo posted a competitive total of 8 for 203. Things started well for the Roos in the second innings with Michael Herbst and Leigh Millar picking up 2 wickets each in the opening spell to leave Mount Lawley 4 for 27. Following some resistance Leigh came back for another spell to pick up three more wickets, ending up with magnificent figures of 5 for 28. Surely the first of many good days in the 2nd half of his career. Dan Sadik also picked up 2 wickets in what was a good day for him as Mount Lawley were bowled out for 110 to give the Roos a 93 run victory, making it 3 wins on the trot.

 3rd Grade

Rd 4 WDCC (166) def Mount Lawley (162)

After being sent in to bat the Threes wickets fell regularly with only a cameo from Aryan Varsani (23) until Jared Maunder joined Mitchell Slattery at the crease at 7/99 to put on what turned out to be a match winning partnership of 51. Finally all out for 166 with a resilient 51* from Mitchell Slattery. With 166 to defend the 3s started well with 2 wickets to Jared Maunder and 1 apiece to Lachie Poulter and Donavinn Fryer to leave Mt Lawley 4/25. A middle order fight back left Mt Lawley in a good position before a “momentum swinging” spell from Graeme Atkinson, who one can assume must recently have switched physios.

In a nail-biting finish Mt Lawley needed 6 runs with 3 wickets in hand before some death bowling from Lachie Poulter and Donavinn Fryer saw the 3s take 3/0 to win by 4 runs. Jared Maunder finished with 3/28, Donavinn Fryer 2/20 and Lachie Poulter 2/23.

4th Grade

Rd 4 WDCC (9/211) def Mount Lawley (9/191)

Genghis won the toss in the Fours and chose to assert his will onto the game by batting on a flat field at Breckler. Yaseen and Tim Harris got us off to a flyer, taking their strike bowler out of the attack after two overs. Michael ‘Grammar’ Kelsey and Nick Santich steadied the ship after losing five quick wickets, with Nick (54) then exploding late along with Hayden Stumpers (33) to finish the innings off in style – Wanneroo ultimately making 211. Yas got an early wicket but then Mt Lawley put a good fight though the middle overs. Finishing a good day Nick took wickets to get the team on a roll with then Domenic Boyce and Yaseen finishing them off, Yaseen finishing with 5/38 off his 9 overs.

Under 17 T20 Women

Rd 3 WDCC (1/108) def. South Perth (5/107)

Wanneroo secured another comprehensive win in Round 3 over Rocky Mandurah. Last season the Mariners nicked a win however today the Roos displayed some of the pre and off season hard work that has taken place with significant improvements with our ground fielding and batting technique. Grace Tomkinson took a great catch early on off the bowling of Danni Eckley who finished with 2 wickets. Further catches from Eva Salisbury and a stunning off the toes catch again from Emilie Nicholls reinforced a sound fielding display. Kristin Jones finished strongly with a run out and 2 wickets and was assisted with economical bowling from Emilie Nicholls, Josie Beckett and Ella Stewart reducing their total to 5/107.

Confident, self-assured and playing the ball on its merit described an assertive start of the innings for the Roos with Tene Crafford and Shayna Jesani enjoying a blend of well taken singles mixed with delightful stroke play off both the front and back foot. There was no real answer from the Mariners who offered little resistance to the ever growing confidence of the Roos openers. Tene eventually falling one short of what would have been a well-deserved half century and Shayna carrying her bat for an impressive 33; the Roos finally passing the Mariners total in the 16th over.

There was plenty of encouraging chatter and support in the field from the Roos who benefitted also from several of the non-playing squad who travelled the lengthy journey and contributed to the ever increasing positive culture.

Seventeens Men

WDCC (8/262) def. by Bayswater-Morley (7/279) – C Spanenberg (117)

Fifteens Men 

WDCC (3/148) drew Bayswater-Morley (7/190d)

Fourteens Men 

WDCC (6/200) def. Subiaco Floreat (10/122) – TD Brown (103)

Thirteens Men 

WDCC (84) def. by Subiaco Floreat (6/107)


For full results visit our new and quite excellent latest results page at https://www.wanneroodcc.com.au/results/

Weekend Wrap – Rds 2 & 3

It was a good weekend for the mighty Roos, with many games against multiple opponents. Following a disappointing first round the men bounced back strongly on Saturday against Bayswater Morley with 3 from 4 wins. Similarly the 17s women won out in a nail biter against South Perth. The fire continued in the Sunday 1s/2s fixtures with both teams securing wins in hard fought games. Overall some stand out performances smattered across what was really a solid full team and club display.

1st Grade

Rd 2 WDCC (5/220) def. Bayswater Morley (189)

With three debutants, and a few old faces returning, the A-grade boys were primed and ready to take on Bayswater Morley at Hillcrest Park. After a steady start Rob Richards (20) and Kyle Millar (35) saw off the new ball. The new opening pair produced a steady platform for Travis “Big T” Birt to launch and score a chance-less run a ball hundred. With 220 on the Board, and a bowler down the Dream Spin Trio of Kyle Millar, Gagandeep Singh, and Kelvin Smith squeezed the Bayswater Morley middle order, before golden Arm Rob Richards took 5 for 14 from 3.2 overs to lead the boys to their first win of the season.

Rd 3 WDCC (9/222) def. Gosnells (192)

On a high from the day before the Ones packed their bags and made the journey to Sutherlands in the Deep South. Following quite close to the previous day’s game plan in nearly all aspects except 6-hitting, a score of 220 was set and then defended with a middle over squeeze by the Trio. After partaking in a morning barbecue Rob Richards (86) showed great character in anchoring the innings deep into the final overs while Kelvin ‘unusual but effective boxing technique’ Smith (56) showed his class with his first half-century in the Roos colours. Opening the bowling, Caiden started the defence with two early wickets (that included a snare at 2nd slip by Travis Birt). Gosnells fought back but consistently lost wickets throughout the day due to a strong bowling unit performance led again by the spinners (Kyle Millar 3/37, Kelvin Smith 2/40, Gagendeep Singh 2/43).

With 2 wins, 1 draw and no losses the Ones are sitting 4th on the ladder.

2nd Grade

Rd 2 WDCC (8/155) def. Bayswater Morley (152)

The Twos were sent in to bat by Bayswater-Morley on what proved to be a tricky batting surface. Wickets fell regularly until Chad Hitchcock and Deon Billington came together at 6/85 to get to the ‘defendable’ total of 155, with Billington making a classy 44. With a bit of a task ahead all the bowlers combined to strangle Bayswater-Morley, backed up by some excellent fielding to get the win by 3 runs in an absolute cliffhanger! New skipper Daniel Sadik led the way with 4 wickets while young guns Riley Holly and Michael Herbst showed they have ice in their veins to finish the job in the final overs!

Rd 3 WDCC (205) def. Gosnells (153)

Thrown in to bat once again on Sunday there was an early collapse until Chad Hitchcock and Rob Fairchild came together at 4/19 to put on a nice 50 run partnership. Enter Callum Douglas who put on 80 with Fairchild until BBQing the senior player for a well compiled 75. Douglas continued on to guide the Magoos to a respectable 205 on a very slow outfield to finish with 58 after running himself out on the last ball of the innings. Apart from some very clean hitting by one of the Gosnells batsman, they were never a shout. Another clinical bowling performance backed up by some excellent fielding saw them bowled out for 153. J. Slattery, G.Dixon, R.Holly and D.Billington all sharing the wickets, Billington being the pick of the bunch with 2/22 from his 10.

 3rd Grade

Rd 2 WDCC (174) def. by Bayswater Morley (204)

The L3gends had their first game of the season this week, however was not the start they were after falling short by 30 runs. With original skipper John Walter finding himself in the 1s Mike Ardagh stood in as captain and the 3s were sent out into the field. Leigh Miller and Donny Fryer opened the bowling with good spells each and Leigh getting the breakthrough with a catch at gully by the skipper. However the highlight came from a “screamer” taken by Graeme Atkinson at mid-on off the bowling of Leigh Miller. Bayswater finished on 7/204 with Leigh (3/34) and Ardagh (2/37) leading the wickets. With a solid score to chase the 3s started strong with an opening partnership from Ardagh and Allan Hall that included a “Trav like” hitting display from Ardagh (31). The loss of wickets however proved a struggle for the boys before a glimmer of hope appeared in a late partnership from Donny (45) and Gra (39). Their wickets proving to be the final nail in the coffin for the boys.

4th Grade

Rd 2 WDCC (8/194) def. Bayswater Morley (162)

In the 4th graders first game at home, Our Glorious Leader Carroll continued his coin tossing form and sent Bayswater out to have a bowl. A very strong start from both openers saw out their opening bowlers while ticking the scoreboard over, Jacob ‘Plank’ Bonner with a patient 14 and Tim Harris resolute with an impressive 39. After Bonners stumps were destroyed young gun Jaymin Patel founded a partnership with Tim to withstand the middle overs, Jaymin finally caught for a strong 48. Some big hitting from Yaseen and some impressive striking from the tail-enders found Wanneroo with a final total of 194 for 8. The Bayswater openers started strong but a breakthrough by Dom sparked a collapse throughout the Bayswater innings, led further by Tyler Ong’s tight bowling and 3 wickets. Some death bowling from the Supreme Leader sailed Wanneroo to a 32 run win and our Dear Leaders first win as captain.

Under 17 T20 Women

Rd 2 WDCC (89) def. South Perth (79)

Wanneroo secured a fantastic win in Round 2 over South Perth. Last season South Perth were formidable opponents however this season was a nail biter and showed an inner spirt within Wanneroo that kept us fighting. The Roos were asked to bat first and lost early wickets but re-established themselves thanks to Shayna Jesani 29, Ella Stewart and Tene Crafford all spending quality time at the crease with the latter sharing 9 each. A final flourish from the tail produced valuable runs and showed what can be achieved with assertive and confident calling; finally posting a healthy total of 89.

Wickets were shared among our bowlers. Emma Schonfeldt adding another wicket from the week before alongside the ever impressive Josie Beckett who also snagged one. Wickets were hard to come by but efficient bowling during the middle phase of South Perth’s innings produced several run outs from Emilie Nicholls and Josie Beckett. A wicket from Ella Stewart from a tidy 4 over spell held the visitors up enabling Captain Shayna Jesani to take a wicket to leave South Perth short on 7/79 securing a well-deserved victory for the Roos. The non-playing squad should also take great pride from the result, all the girls provided an environment that contributed to the victory and showed we have a cohesive squad.

Seventeens Men (Match in Progress)

Rd 2 WDCC chasing 280 v Bayswater Morley

Fifteens Men (Match in Progress)

Rd 2 WDCC chasing 135 v Bayswater Morley

For full results visit our new and quite excellent latest results page at https://www.wanneroodcc.com.au/results/


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The games will run from Saturday 26th October to Saturday 28th December (10 Saturdays – 10 games in total). Tickets are $20 and will give you entry to the Lotto for each of the 10 draws.

Numbers will be on sale on Thursday Selection Nights and on Saturdays.


Weekend Wrap vs. Perth (Rd1)

In a soggy first fixture against Perth there was not much good news for the Roos, so let’s just focus on Jared Maunders dynamic 6 wicket haul.

1st Grade

Play abandoned

2nd Grade

Coming up against a strong Perth Team for the first game of the year, the ‘Magoos’ fell short by 80 runs in the chase. Perth set the tone with a 172 run 2nd wicket partnership, which allowed them to push hard late – scoring 148 runs in their last 20 overs. Michael Herbst picked up three wickets in his debut at that level (including a not-at-all controversial caught behind off his 2nd ball) while Gary Dixon wound back the years (as well as the surprise by some teammates) to impress with 7 tidy overs. In the run-chase Perth hit their lengths with a ring-field, forcing errors and taking consistent wickets. Riley Holly top scored with 34.

3rd Grade

Play abandoned

4th Grade

In Liam’s first game as the benevolent dictator (captain) he won the toss and chose to bat. Unfortunately no one could get going with only Lachie Henderson and Nick Santich providing resistance in the middle order. After getting bowled out for 107, Jared ‘Juice’ Maunder led the charge with 6 wickets and a magnificent catch. He was well supported by Saleem ‘the human salad’ Ahmed’s 2 wickets as well as tight bowling from Tyler ‘Hammer and’ Ong. Great effort to take the game down to the wire but unfortunately the total was chased down with 2 wickets in hand.

For full results visit our latest results page at http://mycricket.cricket.com.au/common/pages/public/rv/clubresults.aspx?entityid=537&id=CLR

4 New Academy Caps for 2019/20

Congratulations to the following Academy Players (from Left – Right) who received their cap from Mike Hussey at the Cap Presentation. 

Alexandra O’Brien attends Sacred Heart College and is playing her 5th season of Community Cricket at Whitfords. Alex started as all-rounder, but has developed into a wicketkeeper/batsman. Alex’s other interests are playing soccer during winter and mid-long distance running. Welcome Alex.

Emma Schonfeldt is 16, attends Kingsway Christian College and plays her Community Cricket ay Kingsley Woodvale. As a medium fast right arm bowler, we are all really looking forward to having Emma as part of the Academy this year.

Erin Martin has come from a cricket family and attends Belridge Secondary College and is soon to join as part of their specialist cricket program. A Whitford’s girl of 2 seasons Erin bowls right arm medium and alongside cricket loves the outdoors and keeping active.

Breanna Giandzi is also part of the Belridge Secondary College Specialist Cricket program. Another Whitfords girl of 4 years we are pleased to have Breanna who bowls right arm medium quick and who also received her Baggy Blue from Whitford’s for batting last year. The girls are looking forward to having Breanna around the squad.


WDCC Players in WA State Development Squads

Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club congratulates the following girls on being selected in the WA State Development Squads for the 2019/20 season.


Tene Crafford

Shayna Jesani

Eva Salisbury


Danni Eckley

The WACA Development program is designed to expose emerging players to further coaching programs and opportunities. Congratulations to these four WDCC stars!

Female Cricket – 2019/20 Mike Hussey Academy Squad announced

The WDCC U/17 Mike Hussey Academy Squad for 2019/20 have been finalised. Congratulations to the following girls.

Emilie Nicholls Danni Eckley
Emma Harvey Shayna Jesani
Eva Salisbury Mathilda Stillitano
Josie Beckett Ella Stewart
Kristin Jones Emma Wilson
Tene Crafford Rachel Prout
Breanna Giandzi Renae Bugg
Emma Schonfeldt Grace Tomkinson

 Mentors : Katherine Binstead & Millie Cooke

 Futures : Erin Martin & Alexandra O’Brien