The Paul Lucas Medal Count – History and Rules

Paul Lucas Medal Count – History and Rules…

In 1990 it was decided that to end the qualifying fixtures, a social function would be held at the club rooms, to determine who was the overall fairest and best player of the club.

The captains of each of the senior grades, would vote after each game, for their best three players giving a score of either 3, 2 or 1 to the top three.

From 1990/91 until 1997/98, only the captain of each grade gave votes. This was changed in 1998/99.

Current Rules & Conditions (as of October 2010)

  1. Votes are only cast when all 4 grades play in any one fixture.
  2. Captains of all grades should be asked to vote in the first instance.
    • The captain should not vote if it is likely that they could receive votes.
    • In the event that the captain is unable to vote, or is likely to receive votes, a senior member of the team, or a non-playing member of the club who was at the game, may cast the votes.
    • In the event that this occurs the senior player who casts the votes cannot vote for themselves.
  3. If rain, or other circumstances, interrupts a fixture, votes will still be given if 2 or more of the captains agree to distribute votes. This is void if no play occurs in 1 or more fixtures. (See Point 1)
  4. If votes are cast in a round, then every grade must have votes recorded for the 3, 2 and 1 category. 3 players must fill these vote categories – there can be no exceptions.
  5. Players from all senior grades compete for one single prize.
  6. The player (or players) with the highest number of votes shall be declared the winner(s).
  7. In the event that a replacement player (a player that has changed grades in the course of a game) receives votes in 2 grades, that player is only eligible to receive votes in one game only.
    • He shall record the higher of the 2 amounts.
    • If the amounts are equal he shall still only receive votes for one game.
  8. The person who casts the vote must clearly print their name on the voting slip.
    • In the event of votes being cast inappropriately, these votes can be recalled and another member of team asked to cast them.
    • The decision of “inappropriateness” must be made in agreement with the medal convener and a member of the management committee.
    • The person who casts these votes must also be informed.

Keith Parry

Medal Convener