Fantasy Cricket: Round 1 Wrap

Hello all Fantasy Players,

Round 1 has wrapped up and Vaughn Quinlan has come out kicking! Congrats Vaughn on being the first winner. His team was ably helped out with strong weekend performances by Rob “I-don’t-fit-a-32” Richards, Chris “doesn’t-need-to-bowl-at-training-to-pick-up-5fas” Quelch and Haydn “loves-a-70” Slodecki.

With a late entry by human bicep Jacob Johnson, we have 32 players this year. That means that there will be a $10 weekly prize, as well as end of season prizes of $150, $100 & $50 for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively. I will also be giving a wooden spoon from my kitchen (that was until recently intended for the bin) to the brave soul who gave it a crack, but even still finished the season in last place.

The current top 10 after Fantasy Round 1 are as below.

Place Team Name Team Manager Points Rd 1
1 Vaughn Quinlan’s team Quinlan, Vaughn 759
2 Rangers Fryer, Donavinn 750
3 St James Big Chins Parry, Jason 745
4 Kyle Millar’s team Millar, Kyle 738
5 Rory S Macfarlane’s team Macfarlane, Rory S 727
6 Connor P Smith’s team Smith, Connor P 727
7 Josh Hobley’s team Hobley, Josh T 714
8 Fish onnnnn Fawcett, Matthew N 693
9 Melmac’s XI Peters, Daniel 649
10 Lady Gra Gra’s Atkinson, Graeme T 626

John Walter
Minister for Fantasy Cricket

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