2018 Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club Annual General Meeting

Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club Members are invited to the 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held at the Kingsway Clubrooms on Thursday 7th June at 7pm sharp.

In addition to the calling of the AGM, and in accordance with clause 48 of the WDCC Constitution, a special resolution of members of the club is called to accept the replacement of the current WDCC Constitution with the new Rules based on the model rules developed by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. The WDCC Committee has resolved to accept the new model rules without alteration. For reference, the current Constitution and new Rules can be viewed here:

Current WDCC Constitution
Proposed New WDCC Rules

The adoption of the new Rules will be the first order of business. The AGM Agenda and Nominations for the 2018 Committee will therefore be relevant to the new Rules.

As per the new Rules:
(3) The ordinary business of the Annual General Meeting is as follows —

  • (a) To confirm the minutes of the previous annual general meeting and of any special general meeting held since then if the minutes of that meeting have not yet been confirmed;
  • (b) To receive and consider —
    • (i) the committee’s annual report on the Association’s activities during the preceding financial year; and
    • (ii) the financial statements of the Association for the preceding financial year presented under Part 5 of the Associations Incorporations Act 2015; and
  • (c) to elect the office holders of the Association and other committee members;
  • (d) if applicable, to appoint or remove a reviewer or auditor of the Association in accordance with the Act (not applicable);
  • (e) to confirm or vary the entrance fees, subscriptions and other amounts (if any) to be paid by members.

(4) Any other business of which notice has been given in accordance with these rules may be conducted at the annual general meeting.

Nominations for the Executive Committee and Committee roles should be submitted by completing and returning the following Nomination forms to Keith Atkinson (keith.atkinson@ctplc.com) no later than Thursday 10th May 7:00pm.

WDCC Chairperson Nomination
WDCC Deputy Chairperson Nomination
WDCC Secretary Nomination
WDCC Treasurer Nomination
WDCC Ordinary Committee Member Nomination

Under the new WDCC Rules, the WDCC Committee is comprised of the following Officers:

  • Chairperson (President);
  • Deputy Chairperson (Vice President);
  • Treasurer;
  • Secretary; and
  • At least one ordinary committee member, whose roles include:
    • Director of Cricket;
    • Player Liaison Manager;
    • Club Room Manager;
    • Grounds Manager;
    • Sponsorship Manager;
    • Junior Administration Manager;
    • Junior Delegate;
    • Clothing Attire Manager;
    • Player Registration/My Cricket Manager;
    • Social & Fundraising Manager;
    • Indoor Centre Manager;
    • Playing/Training Equipment Manager;
    • Kitchen Manager;
    • First Aid Equipment Manager;
    • Bar Manager.

Please take the time to view the various roles in the attached documents, and consider if you have the skills, passion and commitment to get involved.

Keith Atkinson
Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club
0439 445 787

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