Fantasy 2018/19

Firstly a reminder of what happened last year.
In a completely dominant season performance, it was our own Robert ‘Fairfather’ Fairchild who took the glory… (further information redacted as none of the top three could make it to the awards night and Minister for Fantasy is still a little bitter about that).

Now for this season. Come one, come all, WDCC Fantasy 2018/19 is open for business! And I am happy to announce that the program has been updated with some new features that address some of the feedback from last year. Jump on over to to have a look, sign up and start selecting your team. If you played last year, your details will be the same. For those of us that like myself have a sieve memory, your password can be reset.

There have been some rule changes, all this can be seen under the Rules tab. I have updated all potential senior players available for selection. If you notice that you or another player are not on the list, or someone that should be removed please let me know ASAP and I will fix it.

Fantasy this year is open to all of the WDCC family. Players, past players, members, our team of beloved support staff, parents, juniors and WAGs are invited to take part. Fantasy is a great part of the social side of the club, so harness your competitive side and get yourself and your friends involved.

Entry cost is at $20 per team, which can be paid to me in cash or via account transfer (contact me for details). If you pay before the first game you will receive a BONUS 100 POINTS!
Prizes will once again be based on the numbers that are taking part. I will announce this upon season launch.

Lastly, to the players and coaches, well done on the attitude and dedication shown during our pre-season sessions so far. Let’s keep building and we can enjoy another successful season!

Last Season Results

Players = 45

1st Place: Robert Fairchild
2nd Place: Nathan Henry
3rd Place: Mike Ardagh
Top (non-WDCC player) Team: Aimee Fairchild
Wooden Spoon: Bailey Nylander

Highest scoring Players
Batter: Matthew Spoors
Bowler: Mike Ardagh
All Rounder: Donavinn Fryer
WK: Christian Smith

Most valuable player (total points / original cost): Matthew Purcell

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