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Walter’s Fantasy Preview:

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With the Fantasy tournament about to kick off, I’ve cast a keen eye over our selection of fine cattle and come up with some tips for picking a quality Wanneroo DCC Fantasy Team for 2016/17.

Disclaimer: Walter is shocking at Fantasy/Dream Teams. Use this guide at your own peril!

1. Tactics:

– Load up with 1st & 2nd Grade players. They get more games, and longer matches. I don’t know much about History, Biology, or Algebra, but I do know that more game time equals more Fantasy points.

– Remember that only Senior Grades 1-4 count, so don’t think you’re a tactical genius by picking blokes who will star in the Juniors and/or Colts.

2. Must-haves:

– Skippers: Our team heroes Chris Quelch, Graeme Atkinson, Andrew Slattery & Aden “The Enforcer” Fawcett. These blokes will lead from the front, will rarely miss a game, and are worth every Fantasy penny.

– Dan Lawrence: Get out your Fantasy check book, as our new Pom comes at a hefty $155k! Can you afford not to have him though?

– Rob Richards: The only Paul Lucas Medalist currently in Western Australia, Richo picks himself (both in terms of this article, and literally in his own team).

3. Quality Stocking Fillers:

– Current and/or ex Juniors: These blokes are cheaper than a left-handed screwdriver at a Masters closing down sale. Blokes like Caiden “Slug” Eaton, Michael Kelsey, Damon Parker, Deon Billington and Matt Purcell will get serious game time in the Seniors this year, at prices so low that if they were beverages, Slods would buy a round of them.

4. Get out the hose:

– Blokes with sketchy availability: It doesn’t matter if you are a Paul Lucas Medalist, if you’re in South Africa you can’t make runs or take wickets. Normally Donny Fryer, Jason Parry and Mitch Johnson would be in every team, but are they worth the investment if they’re not on the park?

– MIA: Lloyd Quinlan and David Vernon Minear: I believe the Police have issued Missing Persons announcements for these gents. They were last seen on the Fantasy Cricket list for $60k each.

5. Sneaky Bargains:

– Tim Bond: He’s listed as a bowler but will surely bat top order in the Troops. But is he playing each week..?

– Dylan Banks: Back from injury, Banksy has been bowling serious gas in the nets and is a bargain at just $60k.

– Josh Cameron: $70k for a bloke who will bat #3 in 4s & 3s all season? Absolutely.

– Vaughn Quinlan: He’s taking the gloves this season, so you can have a bonus keeper in your team for just $60k.

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