Fantasy Cricket: Round 2 Wrap

Hi Players,

The Round 2 winner is Fish onnnnn, managed by the incomparable Matthew Fawcett. The big difference this week was his selection of Haydn ‘loves-a-ton’ Slodecki, who it turns out has been shamefully under selected with only 3 players benefitting from his Fantasy scores.

The running leader after 2 rounds is A-Grade fines master and late overs specialist Kyle Millar, with Controversial and Fish onnnnn close behind.

The current leader for last place (and the stew and soup corroded wooden spoon that goes with it) is Corey Roca, Rocci, Rocchicho… Rockets!

Place Team Name Team Manager Running Total
1 Kyle Millar’s team Millar, Kyle 1173
2 Controversial Johnson, Jacob 1152
3 Fish onnnnn Fawcett, Matthew N 1139
4 Rory S Macfarlane’s team Macfarlane, Rory S 1110
5 St James Big Chins Parry, Jason 1091
6 Josh Hobley’s team Hobley, Josh T 1085
7 Vaughn Quinlan’s team Quinlan, Vaughn 1084
8 Connor P Smith’s team Smith, Connor P 1038
9 Melmac’s XI Peters, Daniel 941
10 Rangers Fryer, Donavinn 929



Place Team Name Team Manager Round 2
1 Fish onnnnn Fawcett, Matthew N 446
2 Kyle Millar’s team Millar, Kyle 435
3 Heffsdreamteam Smith, Christian 423

John Walter
Minister for Fantasy Cricket

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