Fantasy Cricket Update

Hello Players,

Firstly, well done on the 3 out of 4 games flaying of the enemy!

Next, congratulations Caidon Eaton who is the Fantasy Round 9 winner. Also on his return to/and first senior cricket game of the season (and getting the humble Minister for Fantasy some points!!). Caidon’s team was helped from some outrageous point grabbing by Jason ‘what..again!?’ Parry (126) and Tim Bond (119). I believe that is about the 4th time I have given a shout out to Jason, who is now averaging 75 points per game. Put into context that is the equivalent of 35 runs and 2 wickets each time he takes the field. That man is the future!

We also have a new table leader in Jacob Johnson’s Controversial! Done Fos! They called him crazy, but his selection of both the two most expensive players (Lawrence & Richards) has started paying dividends.

The tussle for last spot and that soupy spoon is also heating up, with Josh Cameron currently leading the charge!

See below for current leaderboard and round 9 top ten.


Minister for Fantasy

Place Team Name Team Manager Total
1 Controversial Johnson, Jacob 4570
2 St James Big Chins Parry, Jason 4560
3 Heffsdreamteam Smith, Christian 4456
4 Connor P Smith’s team Smith, Connor P 4354
5 Igor’s army MacDonald, Cameron 4320
6 Kyle Millar’s team Millar, Kyle 4315
7 Matthew Spoors’s team Spoors, Matthew 4282
8 Nathan P Henry’s team Henry, Nathan P 4273
9 Rory S Macfarlane’s team Macfarlane, Rory S 4203
10 Caiden Eaton’s team Eaton, Caiden 3940


Place Team Name Team Manager RD 9
1 Caiden Eaton’s team Eaton, Caiden 638
2 Matthew Spoors’s team Spoors, Matthew 585
3 Marbo’s Men Maher, Greg D 563
4 Nathan P Henry’s team Henry, Nathan P 554
5 Heffsdreamteam Smith, Christian 540
6 brunndogs beasts Brunner, Aaron 531
7 The Kronkites Hall, Allan T 530
8 Controversial Johnson, Jacob 508
9 Igor’s army MacDonald, Cameron 494
10 Rangers Fryer, Donavinn 494
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