Fantasy Tips

Fantasy 2020 is about to kick on. Need help on getting a team together? Kingsway and the reigning champ Deon have come together to help out.

Kingsway Smith Tips

  1. Selecting limits for player roles (bat, bowl, wicket-keeper, all-rounder) have been relaxed this year – the minimum selections from each role has been reduced to one (though some maximum limits do apply), meaning that if, for example, you feel that batsmen do not get you enough points, you could just pick one superstar or one cheapy.
  2. All-rounders typically get the most points, but the assigned all-rounders aren’t the only ones that will get the chances. Pick a bowler that can bat, or a batsmen that will get thrown the ball sometimes.
  3. Remember the bonus points. Some bowlers bowl bulk maidens. Some lower order bats might consistently get red inks. Know a bloke that likes hitting bombs? They will get you 6 points a piece.
  4. Plenty of new Roos this year that may be listed cheaper than what they’re worth. Is Michael ‘Ian Harvey’ O’Day worth a gamble?

Deon ‘Wild Bill’ Billington Tips

  1. Pay up for big dogs for your team, these guys will give you a captain option each week and good points.
  2. Stock up on all-rounders. These guys have more avenues to scoring as they will be batting and bowling more often.
  3. Chase value in the bowling department, lots of cheap options.

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