Fantasy Update

Hi Players,

Rd 3 (and the first two-day fixture) of Fantasy is now over. It was an exciting round with lots happening and large changes amongst the leader board.

2nd grade had an exciting win in what was described by Team Captain and Overheard-at-the-Royal-on-the-Waterfront-quote-provider Graeme Atkinson as the ‘best in a while.’

There were some big 4th grade Fantasy point contributors this round with Allan Hall hitting a century, and Tim Bond and Tim Adrichem both providing with bat and ball. Unfortunately Tim Adrichem was not picked in anyone’s Fantasy team. You can blame your Minister for Fantasy there for not setting him up early enough in the options.

This rounds winner was Igor’s army, managed by Cam Mac. His team was assisted by large contributions from Kyle Millar (again), Corey Rocchiccioli (again) and Jordan King (again).

The running leader for the 2nd week in a row is Kyle Millar’s Kyle Millar’s Team!


Place Team Name Team Manager Total
1 Kyle Millar’s team Millar, Kyle 1527
2 Controversial Johnson, Jacob 1479
3 Josh Hobley’s team Hobley, Josh T 1436
4 Rory S Macfarlane’s team Macfarlane, Rory S 1405
5 Vaughn Quinlan’s team Quinlan, Vaughn 1391
6 Connor P Smith’s team Smith, Connor P 1379
7 St James Big Chins Parry, Jason 1322
8 Fish onnnnn Fawcett, Matthew N 1312
9 Heffsdreamteam Smith, Christian 1238
10 Igor’s army MacDonald, Cameron 1234
Place Team Name Team Manager Total
1 Igor’s army MacDonald, Cameron 435
2 Nathan P Henry’s team Henry, Nathan P 432
3 Peter Clough’s team Clough, Peter 427
4 Heffsdreamteam Smith, Christian 426
5 Tristan Hobley’s team Hobley, Tristan 395
6 The Kronkites Hall, Allan T 394
7 ROCKETS REBELS Rocchiccioli, Corey J 394
8 Caiden Eaton’s team Eaton, Caiden 393
9 Marbo’s Men Maher, Greg D 367
10 Kyle Millar’s team Millar, Kyle 354
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