Player of the Week: Bailey Nylander

This week’s Wanneroo DCC Player of the Week is Bailey Nylander. If your Fridge is on the fritz, he’s your man.

Name: Bailey Nylander
Age: 18
Nickname: Bay
Occupation: Airconditioning & Refrigeration Mechanic
Dream job: Playing cricket for Australia
How long have you played at Wanneroo: 2009
In The Movie Of My Life I’d Be Played By: Channing Tatum
Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why: Bayswater Morley because there is a bit of rivalry involved
Most embarrassing moment on the cricket field: Being caught out on my first ball against midland guildford then looking up and realising it was an above waist height no ball and was left half way down the wicket run out
What teammate is most likely to avoid paying for a round when you are out: Aaron Summers
Favourite food: Parmi
When You Were Growing Up What Did You Want To Be: School Teacher
What Do You Normally Eat For Breakfast?: Pasta with tomato sauce and cheese
What reality TV show would you win: The Block
If you could meet one person dead or alive: Kim Kardashian
If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be: The Ashes at Lords
Favourite drink: Vodka redbull
Best bowling / highest score: 5/14 & 100
Favourite smell: Bacon
My Signature Dish Is: I don’t cook
Who’s the best dressed at the club: Greg Maher
Least favourite smell: Dog poo
When did you last take a catch to win a game: 15s
If you could be another teammate for a week who would it be and why: Aaron Summers so i could bowl to him so he realises how fun it is to face him

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