Player of the Week: Kyle Millar

This Week’s Wanneroo DCC Player of the Week is Kyle Millar! He’s taking wickets for fun in 2014/15, let’s see what else he does for fun:
Name: Kyle Millar
Age: 24
Nickname: Funky
Occupation: Fleet Controller
Dream job: Pro Sportsman or whatever Gaz does
How long have you played at Wanneroo: 12 years
In The Movie Of My Life I’d Be Played By: The Rock
What’s under your bed: Matress
What’s your go-to fielding drill: Slips
Which team do you look forward to playing the most and why: Joondalup beacsue i love beating them.
Most embarrassing moment on the cricket field: Slipping over in the 2012 Grand Final 3 times when chasing the pill to the boundry
What teammate is most likely to avoid paying for a round when you are out: Slods
What’s the first thing you think of in the morning: Coffee
Favourite food: Pizza
Stranded On An Island, What Are Your 3 Essential Items?: Water, Clothes, Hat
When You Were Growing Up What Did You Want To Be: Pro Sportsman
What Do You Normally Eat For Breakfast?: Coffee
What reality TV show would you win: The Bachelor
Is the glass half full or half empty: Half Full
If you could meet one person dead or alive: Don Bradman
If you could be another teammate for a week who would it be and why: Gaz- Lunches and Beers everyday.
If you could attend any sporting event in the world, what would it be: FIFA WORLD CUP FINAL
Favourite drink: Orchard Crush with Ice
Best bowling / highest score: 5/24 and 86
Favourite smell: Hot Chips
My Signature Dish Is: Steak Sanga
Who’s the best dressed at the club: Leigh
Least favourite smell: Richo
When did you last take a catch to win a game: Wasnt the last cactch but 2014 gf took second last with a catch at 3rd gripper
My Most Treasured Possession/s: Not sure
What book are you reading now: The West
Favourite cricketer To Watch Growing Up: Damien Martyn
One word to describe you: Annnoying
Who is the funniest teammate: Christo
When did you last take the final wicket to win a game: The 2s few years back wasnt really a cliffhanger that got rolled for 90
What I Don’t Find Amusing Is: Joondy winning flags
Favourite Holiday Destination: Magaluf
My Last Meal Would Be: Pizza
Best practical joke you have seen: Bucks mystery girlfriend
What training drill do you dread the most?: Running
Favourite Cartoon As A Kid: Rugrats
Scariest player at the Wanneroo: Gaz
Favourite sport to watch: AFL
What is your favourite number: 5
Who is your dream date: Minka Kelly
Favourite cricketer now: Nathon Lyon
Favourite band or musician: Vance joy
Favourite magazine: Inside Sport
When did you last hit the winning runs in a game: Not Sure im usually out
What is your personal aim this season?: Score 500 runs
What was your first car: Kalos
What’s the most embarrassing song on your phone: Justin Bieber
Funniest player at the Wanneroo: Christo
What Would You Buy With Your Last $50: Beers
If I could be one person for a day I would be: Vinnie Chase
Favourite movie: The Wedding Crashers
Are you sick of player profile questions?: Yes.
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