President Announcement – Trophy Presentation event cancelled

Dear Patron, #1 Ticket Holder, Life Members, Members, Parents & Players
It is with great disappointment and after a fair bit of deliberation with the committee, we have decided not to have an end of season trophy presentation for season 2021/22.
The reasons for this are pretty simple, the COVID-19 protocols and restrictions that are currently in force and the extensions to these in the coming weeks make it almost impossible to hold a celebratory night at the club or at a licensed venue, without being heavily restricted.
The players/members who are receiving awards this season will still receive them, I believe Darrell Kelsey is picking the trophies/awards up somewhere near to the 2/4 and we will organize how we distribute them shortly as we haven’t organized that as of yet.
What we will be doing is a virtual presentation online and announcing the winners on all our social platforms as well as our website. With our girls/ladies playing in Grand Finals this weekend, I believe we will do this next week once the amazing John Walter has had time to upload them all. Thanks, JW for all your work with communications and the help you have received from Sam Williams!
Firstly on behalf of the committee, I want to congratulate all the winners of awards this season and apologize for not having an evening to celebrate your achievements this season.
Secondly, I would like to congratulate the club on an incredible season, even after the myriad of disruptions we had in the lead-up, losing a coach and four of our best senior players – to make finals in 2nd’s, 3rd’s, 4th’s, 17’s & 15’s is amazing and to make the Grand Finals in the Women’s B Grade 40 Over against the monkey towners and the Female Youth League 40 Over against Melville is beyond our wildest dreams! Well done to all involved.
I just wanted to say a special thanks to a few people, Wayne Pearson for stepping up as Director of Coaching, 3 weeks from the start of the season, that was beyond difficult for you mate and we appreciate all that you have done in a difficult time and look forward to you you having a full pre-season with the lads next year moving into 2022/23.
The executive – Vice President Shane Maraldo & Secretary Darrell Kelsey, I couldn’t do it without you two, thanks for your work and support. The cricket department, head of women’s cricket Pete Byrne – Junior Female-Coordinator you have been amazing mate, I have never worked with anyone so passionate and thorough and we are so lucky to have you. Thank you also to Shenae Reichelt for making this the most professional on-field program I have seen also, we love having you as a Roo Shenae!
Thank you to Ian PoulterJoel CharlesDave Spangenberg and the rest of the crew in what has been a massive improvement through the grades this year and fingers crossed we are back to the best in A Grade next season! also Greg Holly for all his work on what I believe to be the best junior male program in the state, which he has re-built! well done mate – Also to all your junior coaches and supporters, thank you! Michael Dargie, what would we do without all you do around the club and grounds, thanks mate! Kevin Walker, what do I say about you mate? You are a bloody godsend! I would be divorced without you! thanks for all your tireless work around the club, we absolutely couldn’t do it without you and thanks to Trish Gentry for running the bar! Legend!
Micheal Minear, thanks again Dad for all your help whether it be behind the bar, as our delegate, emptying bins, helping me, whatever it is, you had done your time ten years ago and you still help 22 years after first joining the committee and 9 years since being President! Thanks so much, Dad!
Last but not least DanielandTenille Stumpers for both of your help this year, Lindsay Holly & Soula Billington for doing teas all year, I can’t thank you enough and couldn’t do anything without you ladies and your helpers, Dave Bebb for all your work with the Darts, Female Cricket and Scoring thank you, Jimmy Skouros for all your work early on equipment for the club, Sandy Wheeler for being our #1 scorer! also Geoff Millar for your tireless work doing all the camera work week in and week out mate! We are so lucky to have you at Wanneroo DCC!
Lastly, I just wanted to thank and congratulate our outgoing 4 times Premiership Player (3 x 2day & 1 x T20) and current club captain Kyle Millar, mate I have been so lucky to watch you grow from a cheeky little character into a wonderful leader of men, I could not be any more proud of you, thank you for all your sacrifices and efforts as skipper the past few years and as a player in A grade for the last 12 or so! You are a club legend mate!
I have a meeting with WACA CEO next Tuesday Christina Matthews to discuss our new building that has been designed by Sean Magorian and I believe we are garnering a lot of support for this as well as from our #1 Ticket Holder Tracey Roberts who is right behind it as well! The future is looking very bright at our wonderful club. Please get down and walk the dog and support our girls in there Grand Finals on Sunday.
Yours in cricket


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