Training Reminder

As per last week, training Squads A and B will alternate between the Shed and Kingsway.

* Squad B will start in the shed at 530pm (ready to go); and
* Squad A will start outside (ready to go) at 5.45pm;
* Groups will swap at 6.45pm.

Squad A Squad B
Quelch, C Slattery, A
Atkinson, G Fawcett, A
Brunner, A Banks, D
Burton, A Bonner, J
Dzodzos, M Burns, M
Fryer, D Cameron, J
Gravestock, E Estall, I
Hobley, T Hall, A
Johnston, J Hudson, B
King, J Maher, G
MacDonald, C Millar, L
McGee, M Moses, C
Millar, K Ong, T
Nylander, B Parker, D
Peters, D Parry, J
Richards, R Purcell, M
Rocchiccioli, C Quelch, J
Slodecki, H Quinlan, V
Smith, A Quinn, B
Smith, Christian Richards, B
Smith, Connor
Spoors, M
Walter, J

If your name is not on the list please let me know.

Geoff Coultas
Head Senior Coach
0417 937 795

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