Training Update

The Season is now fast approaching (2 weeks) and we need your input to become a successful club. We have numerous volunteers and workers who help us, play the sport we all love and in return we need to be committed to the cause. This is your club and we will only get out of it what we put in. On occasion there has been a tendency to roll up to training at different times, warm up a little etc. Supporting our club values and culture, where possible we need to be ready to go at the start times, warm up together as a group which is replicating game day. Quelchy is doing the warm ups, so as a playing group we all need to respect each team members time and be ready to go, which will provide us with the opportunity to perform at our best. With all players commitment there will be much shorter, effective, higher quality and productive training sessions.

As at Tuesday we would like to ensure that if you can’t make training or you are running significantly late please let myself or Kingy know. I understand we all have commitments outside of cricket, but we would appreciate communication to allow us to understand your situation.

Please also let Cloughy know (in writing–text or message) game day unavailability as soon as you are aware so he can plan ahead. This will help us to endeavor to reach the 7.30pm Thursday deadline for team announcements.

As from next Tuesday the 27th Sept we will have 2 groups, Squad A and Squad B. Hopefully the week after turf will be available.

* Squad B will start in the shed at 530pm (ready to go); and
* Squad A will start outside (ready to go) with myself at 5.45pm;
* Groups will swap at 6.45pm.

The above will apply for Thursday and onwards until we are on turf.

Squad A Squad B
Quelch, C Slattery, A
Atkinson, G Fawcett, A
Brunner, A Banks, D
Burton, A Bonner, J
Dzodzos, M Burns, M
Fryer, D Cameron, J
Gravestock, E Estall, I
Hobley, T Hall, A
Johnston, J Hudson, B
King, J Maher, G
MacDonald, C Millar, L
McGee, M Moses, C
Millar, K Ong, T
Nylander, B Parker, D
Peters, D Parry, J
Richards, R Purcell, M
Rocchiccioli, C Quelch, J
Slodecki, H Quinlan, V
Smith, A Quinn, B
Smith, Christian Richards, B
Smith, Connor
Spoors, M
Walter, J

If your name is not on the list please let me know.

Geoff Coultas
Head Senior Coach
0417 937 795

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