WDCC Fitness Program Update

Sean King has decided to take a step back from running the fitness program this season. For about the past 10 years Kingy has provided massive support and expertise regarding our pre season fitness regime and has managed to remain a very well liked member of the coaching staff even while tormenting players for 10 preseasons. He was a major part of WDCCs two 1st grade premierships and keen support for developing players as colts coach in the last few seasons.

Sean will remain involved on a smaller scale as net captain throughout the season and will therefore still remain in a position to help the club achieve its goals. Thanks Kingy!

Joel Carnie has agreed to step into Kingy’s large pre season shoes and is delighted to be the man preparing the fitness of our players for the coming season. His positive nature and willingness to see people better themselves will be what we need to fill that hole left by Kingy. Welcome JC!

Joel Charles
Senior Head Coach
Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club

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