WDCC Player of the Week: Liam Carroll

This week’s Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club Player of the Week is Liam Carroll!  Get around his Player Profile:

Name: Liam Carroll

Nickname: Carroll

What is your first memory of cricket?: Getting the first of many ducks

What happened in your first game of cricket for Wanneroo?: Not much tbh

Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls or Little Mix?: Little Mix

Who is your must-have Fantasy Cricket pick?: Vaughn Quinlan

What is your best pick-up line or Tinder ice-breaker?: I swipe right to everyone

Who was your best cricket coach, and what pearl of wisdom sticks with you the most?: Darren Thorn: “Cow Corner”

Would you like a Kingsway Kegerator?: Yes

Which Patrick Swayze character do you best relate to?: Wouldn’t have a clue

Wanneroo Man-crush?: Riley Holly

What do you want Wanneroo to achieve this season, and what will you do to contribute to this goal?:
As many premierships as possible; and what ever it takes

Do you prefer white rice or brown rice?: White

What is your favourite thing about Hally?: His cover drive

What is for dinner tonight?: Nandos

Who has the best and worst salad at the club?:
Best: B;
Worst: Doolzy

Which ex-Wanneroo player do you miss the most?: Bailey Richards

Which skipper could inspire you to run through brick walls?: Slatts

What is the best thing about playing at Wanneroo?: Parmi night

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