WDCC Player of the Week: Mathew Dzodzos

This week’s Wanneroo DCC Player of the Week is Mathew Dzodzos! On the field he bowls left arm gas, and off the field he’s an aficionado for wine, tap-beer and unusual skin conditions. Get around The Water Bird!

Name: Mathew ‘Peter’ Dzodzos

Nickname: The Water Bird, Pete, Dozo

What is your first memory of cricket?: Adam smith taking a bag

What happened in your first game of cricket for Wanneroo?: Adam Smith took a bag

Reel off the Juniors you grew up playing cricket with, who are still going strong for the mighty Roos?
Christian Smith and Mitch McGee were miles ahead of the rest in terms of talent. Adam Smith, was, and still is a freak with the ball. Also special mentions to Julian Feehan for being both a cricketing prodigy and a booze hound at age 15

What is the best value-for-money Shiraz going about?
The 2015 Houghtons ‘Single Stripe’ Shiraz

Who is your must-have Fantasy Cricket pick?: James Dicarlo

What is your best pick-up line or Tinder ice-breaker?: I once told a female I was Richo’s younger brother

Who was your best cricket coach, and what pearl of wisdom sticks with you the most?: Alistair Smith – ‘Have fun’

Would you like a Kingsway Kegerator?: Simple

How many Pepsi-max’s have you hit and/or consumed at Kingsway?: More of a Solo kind of guy

Which Patrick Swayze character do you best relate to?: Dalton

Wanneroo Man-crush?: Adam Smith (formerly Alex Burton)

What is your favorite movie quote?: What’s your dog’s name?’ – The Life Aquatic

What do you want Wanneroo to achieve this season, and what will you do to contribute to this goal?:
To enjoy each other’s success. I will contribute by bringing the Kegerator to the club.

Do you prefer white rice or brown rice?: Brown

What is the best and worst bit of the Club Treasurer being your Mum?
I get to play in the ones, but Kaz does keep an eagle eye on my bar tab.

What is your favourite thing about Hally?: His thigh pad.

What is for dinner tonight?: I’m really into Vietnamese at the moment.

What’s the most awesome thing you’ve done on a cricket field?: Played in a preimiership side

As part of the 2013-14 Premiership winning 1st Grade Team, what were the defining factors that made the team stand out over the rest of the competition?
We didn’t have a fear of failure, I feel as though we all knew our roles and celebrated each others success more so than worrying about our individual exploits. Success was alaways celebrated.

Favourite joke?: Anytime Choey tells a story

Who has the best and worst salad at the club?: Best the Cho Man, worst Adam Smith

Which ex-Wanneroo player do you miss the most?: Alex Burton

Which skipper could inspire you to run through brick walls?: U15s Christian Smith

Which Smudge would win: One giant Connor or ten Mini-Me sized Adams?:
I’ve seen Adam Smith do plenty of damage in a hostel in Europe, so ten small Adam’s would be unbeatable. Also injury clouds are a constant with the large Connor

What is the best thing about playing at Wanneroo?: I get to play with my friends.

Do you feel as though playing at the Roo’s has made you a better person:
Yes, however there is much more learning to take place. I’ve been able to grow and express myself in a loving environment, I’ve made mistakes and have acted a fool, but have always had a group around me that has let me correct those errors

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