Weekend Wrap

The Pen is mightier than the Roo” is a rarely-used saying which rang true on Saturday as University won all but 4th Grade in the Seniors.

1st Grade failed to defend 215 at Kingsway, whilst 2nd Grade failed to chase Uni’s 274. 3rd Grade lost on 1st innings and fought gallantly but unsuccessfully to secure a reverse-outright, and 4th Grade avoided a clean sweep of losses (a.k.a. the dreaded “Brown Roo”) by chasing down Uni’s 158 with 5 wickets in hand.

The Juniors were more successful, with wins to all but the 15s. The 17s chased down the Centurions 220, whilst the 15s fell 35 runs short of the Centurions 182. The 14s & 13s comfortably accounted for Mount Lawley the Saturday before last.

Finally, the Colts lost their semi final two Sundays ago against South Perth, failing to defend their total of 101.

Stars of the Round

Jordan “Prince” King: 58 (1st Grade)
Donavinn “Donnie Brasco” Fryer: 3/35 & 50 (3rd Grade)
Gagandeep “G-Train” Singh: 4/20 odd (4th Grade)
Allan “Not Small” Hall: 133* (4th Grade)
Callum “Kirk” Douglas: 67 (17s)
Nicholas “Sandwich” Santich: 51 (15s)
Nicholas “Wholemeal or” Whitbread: 4/22 (14s)

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