Weekend Wrap

The final round of the season finished with a bang for 1st Grade, and an unbelievable tie in 2nd Grade. The 3s went down whilst still finishing top of the ladder, and the 4s won to secure 4th place. In the Juniors, the 17s & 15s lost and won respectively.

1st Grade:
The cricketing fans at Hillcrest were treated to an exhibition in fast bowling as Jack “Voltron” Cattrall (2/20) and Chris “Frederick Trump Jr” Quelch (2/17) ripped through Bayswater-Morley’s top order to reduce them to 5/42. Matt “Water Bird” Dzodzos took a cheeky 3/24 as well as a sneaky run out to dimiss the Bears for 134. In response, Jacob “BASMAN” Johnston and Matt “Anthrax” Spoors were unbeated on 50 and 51 respectively as the mighty Roos cantered to victory.

2nd Grade:
The Magoos bowled first at Kingsway and struck early through Dylan “Commonwealth” Banks to have Bayswater-Morley 2/17. The Bears cobbled together some starts without anyone kicking on, to eventually crawl to 9/163 off their 50 overs. Banks finished with 3/43, well supported by Josh “Frederick’s Brother” Quelch (2/19) and John “Kronkite, ” Walter (2/34). Skipper Cameron “Big Mac” MacDonald (51) led the way with the bat, with contributions from Rob “Fairfather” Fairchild (31) and Damon “Red Ink” Parker (39 not out). With scores tied with one over to go, the Roos couldn’t quite get their leg over and had to settle with a tie.

3rd Grade:
Batting first at Hillcrest of the Upper variety, the Roos started strongly on the back of a quickfire 41 from Joel “Ray” Charles. After a middle-order stumble, the ship was steadied by the South African Top Gun duo Donnie “Maverick” Fryer (75) and Hennie “Goose” van der Walt (33), setting Bayswater-Morley 211 for victory. Despite some unplayable bowling from Fryer and Jason “Thrust and” Parry, the Roos were unable to make an early breakthrough. Jordan “Captain of the Bounty” Slattery took 2/46 to give the Magees a sniff but it wasn’t enough to stop the Bears from growling to victory.

4th Grade:
The Al Gores batted first and after a shaky start were rescued by Jacob “Jon Bonner Jovi” Bonner (33), Jim “I love you Hally” Dicarlo (26) and Braiden “Rig” Hudson (47) to finish with a deceptively high total of 122. Bayswater were then put to the sword by Saleem “Complicated Tax Return” Ahmed (2/8) and Gagandeep “Nothing witty comes to mind” Singh (3/14) to slump to 6/39. Just as the Bears tried to crawl out of their slump, Braiden “Bats and Bowls” Hudson took 3/13 the mighty Roos rolled the Bears for just 63.

After getting off to a rollicking start on the back of Hennie “Mother Goose” van der Walt (50), the 17s stumbled and sprained a metaphorical ankle to limp to 9/138. Bayswater-Morley, led by Cameron “Opposition players rarely get a mention in the Roos Wrap so feel very special, Champ” Todd (81 off 58 balls), cruised to victory by 8 wickets and 3.5 overs to spare.

Batting 1st, Wanneroo built steadily with multiple contributors before Taj “Burrow” Schofield took control of the middle order to finish with 45 not out off just 26 balls. Harrison “Ford” Kepinski (2/14) made inroads into the BM reply before Hayden “Bumpers” Stumpers took 3/10 to restrict Baysie to 9/85.

For full results, visit our match centre: wanneroodcc.com.au/match-centre-wdcc-vs-bayswater-morley/

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