Weekend Wrap vs. Fremantle


For the 2nd game in a row, 3rd Grade saved the Club from the dreaded “Brown Roo”, salvaging the only win vs. Freo.

Player of the Round was undoubtedly the Comeback King Andrew “John Farnham” Slattery whose fighting 81 rescued his team. Honorable mentions to Gagandeep “G Train” Singh (4/4 in 3s), Riley “Holly Riley” Holly (59 in 2s) and Sharad “Sharon” Jessani (5/55 in 4s).


Our Juniors shared the spoils with both Fremantle and Bayswater-Morley, with wins to our 17s and 13s sandwiching losses in the 15s & 14s.

Connor “S-Berg” Spangenberg was outstanding in the 15s, scoring 33 with the bat before taking 5/3 with the ball! Sensational stuff.  Honorable mentions to Cody “Brother of Lando” Billington (52 in the 14s) and a cheeky 69* to Tyler “Why do we have so many Connors and Tylers?” Brown in the 13s.

For full results, visit our Match Centre: http://www.wanneroodcc.com.au/match-centre-wdcc-vs-fremantle/

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