Weekend Wrap vs. Scarborough

Spoils were split even down the middle across Seniors & Juniors in the Scarborough Showdown over the weekend.  In the Seniors, 1st Grade went down swinging whilst the lower grades dominated. In the Juniors only the 17s triumphed with everyone below the age of 16 losing.

In 1st Grade, a flurry of Scarborough wickets raised hopes before the Roo’s total of 171 was usurped with two wickets in hand. John “Walter” Walter was the pick of the bowlers with 3/31.  Wanneroo quickly posted 5/150 (Emile “VD” van der Merwe with 44, Haydn “Hair-Hat” Slodecki 41) before almost pulling off the elusive reverse-outright. Scarborough finished at 7/87 with two wickets apiece to Jack “Kym” Cattrall, Walter and Matt “Anthrax” Spoors.

In the Magoos, Scarborough didn’t show much fight chasing Wanneroo’s 283, as Donavinn “Deep” Fryer (5/47) and Dylan “Commonwealth” Banks (4/44) lit up the East side of Abbett Park. The Gulls were forced to follow-on, but time was called with an outright looking sketchy at 2/79.

The Magees held out a Wes “One Man Show” Robinson-led Scarborough to win by 40 runs, with Adam “Mr & Mrs” Smith taking 4/39, Jason “Thrust and” Parry 3/33 and Tim “$70 Salad-Chin-Salad Combo” Adrichem 2/11.

The Magoos were treated to a spell of searing pace from Josh “President Trump” Quelch, as he took 5/52 and destroyed the Scarborough batting lineup. Securing a victory by 36 runs, the Roos batted a little scratchily to finish the day at 5/79, with Michael “Blue Steel” Kelsey playing some powerful cover drives before being run out for 44.

The 17s rolled Scarborough for 109, with Riley “Buddy” Holly taking 3/10 and Callum “Doug the Rug” Douglas taking 3/19.

The 15s fell 30 runs short in their run chase against the Gulls.

The 14s were unable to get anywhere near a mammoth 315 set by Scarborough, despite another score for Aryan “Run Machine” Varsani (54).

The 13s set Scarborough 129, with Kane “Wayne” Pearce top scoring with 41. In reply, Scarborough passed the runs six wickets down.

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