2018-19 Senior Award Recipients

A huge congratulations to our Senior Male Award Recipients for 2018-19.

Congratulations also to Travis Birt & Jack Cattrall on being named in the WADCC 2018-19 Team of the Year.

TED HUSSEY Club Champion Matthew Spoors
PAUL LUCAS Medal Jack L Cattrall
MICHAEL HUSSEY Batting Award Travis R Birt
CALLUM THORP Bowling Award Jack L Cattrall
Club Captain
August to December 2018 Christian Smith
January – April 2019 Travis R Birt
1st Grade
Aggregate Travis R Birt
Average Travis R Birt
2nd Grade
Aggregate Callum D Douglas
Average Riley Holly
3rd Grade
Aggregate Mitchell Slattery
Average Andrew J Slattery
4th Grade
Aggregate Jacob Bonner
Average Jacob Bonner
Premier T20
Aggregate Haydn Slodecki
Average Haydn Slodecki
Aggregate Riley Holly
Average Riley Holly
1st Grade
Aggregate Jack L Cattrall
Average Jack L Cattrall
2nd Grade
Aggregate Adam Smith
Average Adam Smith
3rd Grade
Aggregate Tyler Ong
Average Jordan Slattery
4th Grade
Aggregate Jared Maunder
Average Jared Maunder
Premier T20
Aggregate Michael L Ardagh
Aggregate Riley Holly
Average Riley Holly
1st Grade Travis R Birt x 2
1st Grade Robert P Richards
3rd Grade Robert Fairchild
3rd Grade Joel D Charles
5 wickets
1st Grade Jack L Cattrall x 3
2nd Grade John Walter
2nd Grade Deon W Billington
2nd Grade Mathew Dzodzos
3rd Grade Darcy Forssman
3rd Grade Jordan Slattery
4th Grade Nicholas R Santich
4th Grade Jack R Maraldo
4th Grade Jared Maunder
4th Grade Sharad Jessani
Colts Riley Holly
Hat tricks
1st Grade Matthew Spoors
2nd Grade Christopher Quelch



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