2018-19 WDCC President’s Report

Meeting Minutes with Shane Spinks & Craig Bartlett @ the City of Wanneroo – 4pm, 11/04/19

(David Minear, Craig Nylander & Graeme Quelch in attendance)

Well the work is well underway down at the nets, looks like a beach volleyball pit right now! Should be completed by the end of the month and on time. The minutes are below;

  • Thank you. 
  • Progress practice wicket replacement. 
  • This week, working on irrigation installation, retaining walls, sub-grade levels and form-work install.
  • Next two weeks, soil install, rolling, laser leveling, light water.
  • End of this month, install drain, reinstall surrounding turf. 
  • Project to be in establishment period at end of April.
  • Change room & toilet facility upgrades/additions. 
  • Update: W.D.C.C to resend dot point on functionality, 
  • Looking for budget 2019/20 to drive concept? 
  • Lighting for training areas. 
  • City’s contractor checking on the lights that aren’t working (hopefully sort this out in the next couple of weeks)
  • Repairs for the shell of the shed. 
  • City fixed the door 27 March, was there more damage? Club looking to replace artificial turf in shed – approx. $28K. 
  • Rear wall replacement clubhouse. 
  • Last email from the City to the club was 8/11/2018 to Keith. It outlined advice from a Civil and Structural Consultant. Update: Maintenance seeking additional quotes for works to the wall. Looking to get this done this financial year. 
  • Concrete pad to store hockey goals in summer & sight-screens in winter. 
  • Waiting for feedback from maintenance. Need to have a better understanding of the issues this would be solving? Hockey goals rot… site screens sitting in mud etc.Shed, irrigation along northern edge… although, this might not go ahead. External security lighting on north west wall. CB to update. Still need signage to direct users to toilets near Dino Park, not our club house. Little athletics training in the winter on cricket grounds, check bookings? Adams details to David MSignage for the building (CB: to check the policy)

New Lease Deal for Wanneroo DCC – Wanneroo Hockey Association & Liquor Licensing

(David Minear)

After well protracted negotiations we have finally come to an agreement with the CoW – Liquor Licensing – Wanneroo Hockey Association & W.D.C.C on a new lease agreement moving forward. 

The Wanneroo Hockey Association have relinquished their liquor license between May & October and we will have just the one license all year around under the name of the Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club. This in-turn guarantees the financial future of the Wanneroo Hockey Association, with them being able to utilize the bar & clubhouse on days and nights they were unable too previously under the previous license they had. 

The cricket club will now have revenue all year round with social darts on a Thursday nights attracting a lot of club members. Rather than the old stream of only six monthly revenue between October & March. The Wanneroo Hockey Association will now become members of the Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club and hold Members Cards like the Darts at all times while at the Club. The new lease agreement will reflect the changes by now having the Wanneroo Hockey Association sub-letting the premises off of W.D.C.C

Id like to say a massive thank you to the President of the Wanneroo Hockey Association, Shane Pollock & to our wonderful infrastructure specialist at the City of Wanneroo & Neil Scanes for all their help with getting this matter sorted.

ICON Sports – Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club new apparel partner for 2019/20

(David Minear)

We are currently working on designs to take to the committee for approval! Watch this space as there are some exciting new kit on the way, all designed by our club captain Travis Birt. We all look forward to our new partnership with ICON Sports moving forward.

Kind Regards,

David Minear

Phone – (+61) 414 251 492

Email – davidminear@hotmail.com

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