Fantasy Cricket Preview

With the Fantasy tournament about to kick off, old Walter hit up some experts for some tips on picking a winner Fantasy-style in 2017-18.

If you haven’t entered a team yet, check out for all the details and get involved!

Jacob’s Gems:
Last Season: Winner

1. Go hard early, just buy all the big names your budget can fit!

2. Pick bowling all-rounders; the most consistent points getter in the fantasy world. It’s an easy way to get points when they stick around at the end of the day.

3. Pick people who can field; catches and run outs add up over the season.

Paz’s Pearls:
Last Season: Runner Up

1. Pick your gun player!
They may be worth a bit but it’ll pay off. For example, Richmond re-signed Dusty and just look at them now.

2. Pick bowlers who can bat!
They might not take a stack of wickets but there’s the bonus of them scoring runs late in the day when the ball is old. Watch your points accumulate.

3. Be savvy with your young players!
Will they play often? Youngsters like Thorny and Spoors may score runs but will possibility miss games due to under age carnivals.

Walter’s Wisdom:
Last Season: Mid-pack

1. Back yourself. The only player you can control on match day is yourself, so pick yourself and put a (c) next to your name.  You can also loudly admonish yourself in the clubroom showers after a sub-par performance, which is far less awkward than loudly admonishing someone else in the clubroom showers.

2. Do the opposite of the selectors. If a talented up-and-comer has been given a chance up the grades, you might want to give him some time to adjust. Similarly, if someone is on the slippery pole you could make lemonade out of lemons by sliding them into your team to reap the benefits of their lower-grade vengeance.

3. Keep a keen eye on blokes at training. If they’re walking with a pronounced limp, for example, chances are they’re trying to conceal an injury. Casually ask your team-mates how “the old body is holding up” and you will appear like a considerate and caring team-mate. Once out of their line of sight, you can then mercilessly banish them from your team.


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