Fantasy Cricket Reminder

A very special message from the Minister of Fantasy Cricket:

Firstly a reminder of what happened last year. There was a colossal tussle in the last few rounds between the top 2, but thanks to also taking the final round prize it was Jacob Johnston’s cherished Controversial that got up by just 22 points over Jason Parry’s St James Big Chins. Make sure you get your team in early this year Jacob!
Connor Smith took out 3rd place and Aaron Brunner’s Brunndogs Beasts took the soupy wooden spoon.

Now for this season. As many of you know Fantasy for 2017/18 is up and running, with a new platform that will allow you to control your own team on pc, tablet or phone. If you haven’t yet jump on over to to set up an account and create a team.

I have made all potential senior players available for selection. If you notice that you or another player are not on the list please let me know ASAP and I will fix it.

Entry cost this year is $20 per team, which can be paid to me in cash or via account transfer (contact me for details). Please organise this as soon as possible. If you pay before the first game you will receive a BONUS 50 POINTS!

Fantasy this year is open to all of the WDCC family. Players, members, our team of beloved support staff, parents and WAGs are invited to take part. Fantasy is a great part of the social side of the club, so harness your competitive side and get people involved.
Prizes will once again be based on the numbers that are taking part. I will announce this upon season launch.

Lastly, well done on the attitude and dedication shown during our pre-season sessions fellas. Enjoy the weekend (Go Tiges) and I will see you all next week for the final stretch!

John Walter
Minister of Fantasy Cricket

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