Thank you and good luck back at home in SA – Kelvin Smith!


Over the last two cricket seasons, a genial figure has spent most of his waking hours in the vicinity of our cricket club in his dedicated pursuit of playing state cricket for WA & helping W.D.C.C win a 3rd Two-Day Flag, in turn helping Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club return to the very top of Grade Cricket.

Kelvin Smith, better known as ‘Special K’ came to Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club in WA before the start of the 2019-20 season from West Torrens Districts Cricket Club in SA after playing in the final Sheffield Shield match of the season 2018-19 for SA.

Kelvin was always the man to see the A Grade through to winning positions in a plethora of games during his time here, including a 117 against Rockingham-Mandurah, which Craig Simmons said was one of the best innings he had seen in Grade Cricket, his maiden hundred, 108 against Mt Lawley was special at home, then you have 151 versus a full-strength Fremantle at Stevens Reserve, this season Special K adapted to the WACA’s pace and bounce and hit a dominating 131 in a narrow loss to Subiaco-Floreat, but I believe the innings that he will be forever remembered by his teammates, WDCC supporters, and watchers of cricket is, Kelvins innings in the Elimination Final against Perth at Fletcher reserve, coming in at 2 for 5 to bat the entire innings and hit 137 off of 211 balls in 316 minutes to single-handedly win the “Miracle at Fletcher”. This then gave us the confidence to then go away to Lark Hill and demolish Rockingham-Mandurah in the Semi-Final, then the opportunity to take down the benchmark, Claremont-Nedlands in the Grand Final and become Premiers for the 2020-21 season.

Kelvin you will be almost impossible to replace, but our Club is so fortunate indeed to have had you here, even if it was just for two seasons of your illustrious career, you gave the guys around you so much confidence with your ability and professionalism on and off the field.

On behalf of the whole Wanneroo Districts Cricket Club family Kelv, I want to thank you for everything you have done and helped us achieve as a club over the past two years, it’s with great sadness we see you leave to head home to Bow Hill, but also with great excitement to see how the next stage of your career progresses mate and I am sure all your family at this club will be hoping you play for SA again this season.

It might have been a short stay Kelv but you couldn’t have achieved much more, playing for the WA 2ndXI and winning an A Grade Flag in only your second year, while taking home every trophy we offered as a club! If Covid-19 hadn’t ruined everything, possibly state cricket too.

I would also love to thank your whole family, Kevin, Yvonne & Jim, and your beautiful partner Stacey Hein who also chased her netball dreams here in Perth playing for the West Coast Warriors in State League Netball here before her knee injury curtailed a Premiership there too. Thank you, guys.

Your grateful Cricket Club acknowledges your contributions and wishes you every success for future endeavours.

Thanks, Special K!

Player Name Kelvin Ross Smith
First Played Saturday 5 October 2019
Last Played Saturday 27 March 2021
Number of Matches 42


2019/2020 WACA:1st Grade 15 14 0 3 3 1 151 720 51.43
  WACA:Premier T20 4 4 0 0 0 1 48 101 25.25
  ALL GRADES 19 18 0 3 3 2 151 821 45.61
2020/2021 WACA:1st Grade 18 20 5 2 6 0 137* 944 62.93
  WACA:Premier T20 5 5 0 0 2 1 59 152 30.40
  ALL GRADES 23 25 5 2 8 1 137* 1096 54.80
ALL SEASONS, ALL GRADES 42 43 5 5 11 3 151 1917 50.45


151 WACA:1st Grade 2019/2020 10 1 Fremantle
137* WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 EF 1 Perth
131 WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 3 1 Subiaco-Floreat
117 WACA:1st Grade 2019/2020 8 1 Rockingham-Mandurah
108 WACA:1st Grade 2019/2020 4 1 Mount Lawley
89* WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 13 1 Fremantle
86 WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 2 1 Mount Lawley
76 WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 7 1 Bayswater-Morley
72 WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 10 1 Rockingham-Mandurah
65* WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 SF 1 Rockingham-Mandurah
65 WACA:1st Grade 2019/2020 PF 1 Claremont-Nedlands
64 WACA:1st Grade 2020/2021 15 1 Midland-Guildford
59 WACA:Premier T20 2020/2021 2 1 University
57 WACA:1st Grade 2019/2020 13 1 Scarborough
56 WACA:1st Grade 2019/2020 3 1 Gosnells
54 WACA:Premier T20 2020/2021 QF 1 Gosnells
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