WDCC Player of the Week: John Walter

This week’s Wanneroo DCC Player of the Week is John Walter! With his blonde locks, finger-breaking pace, and ability to administer a Fantasy Cricket competition, he’s an all-round package (except in his Fantasy Cricket competition, where you can only get him as a bowler).

Name: John Walter

Nickname: Keith, Walts

What is your first memory of cricket?: Backyard with the old man.

What happened in your first game of cricket for Wanneroo?: Dan Peters, runs for fun.

Spice Girls, Pussycat Dolls or Little Mix?: Who?

This is your 8th season at Wanneroo. What has been your highlight so far?
My 2014/15 PL medal, shared with 3 kings of Kingsway! On-field highlight would be a wicket with my first ball in A grade.

Who is your must-have Fantasy Cricket pick?: Banksy

What is your best pick-up line or Tinder ice-breaker?: Wow! You’re so beautiful, you made me forget my pickup line

Who was your best cricket coach, and what pearl of wisdom sticks with you the most?: Mark Gale – relax and just enjoy it

Would you like a Kingsway Kegerator?: Oath!

As the proud owner of a shiny new home, what was your first reno-related activity at Casa de Walts?
Removing the granny carpet and laying down some floorboards. Makes the old indoor surface play a lot truer!

How many Pepsi-max’s have you hit and/or consumed at Kingsway?: Zero hit, zero consumed

Wanneroo Man-crush?: Donny, that handsome b*stard!!

What is your favorite movie quote?: I’m here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I’m all out of bubblegum

What do you want Wanneroo to achieve this season, and what will you do to contribute to this goal?: True grit, by leaving nothing on the field.

Do you prefer white rice or brown rice?: Correct. I prefer white or brown rice, just not white and brown rice.

What is your favourite thing about Hally?: His taste in music

Where do you see yourself in five years, both from a WDCC perspective and the “real life”?
Ideally having found a good work-life balance, with ample time to keep slinging down peaches and pies 3 times a week. Maybe I’ll be a Troop by then playing under Jason Parry!

What is for dinner tonight?: Roast pork and vegies.

What’s the most awesome thing you’ve done on a cricket field?: Pretty happy I bowled a maiden to Hilton Cartright.

Favourite joke?: Why did the blind man fall into the well? He couldn’t see that well!

If you had a million dollars, would you still be do what you are doing for a career? No!

Who has the best and worst salad at the club?: Leigh, don’t care he isn’t playing, still true. Unusual as it is, no clangers this year.

If you could choose to have not been an absolute midget as a junior cricketer, would you change that in hindsight? Probably not! I’m enjoying my contribution to the game now, and that may not have been the case had I been a stronger junior player.

Which ex-Wanneroo player do you miss the most?: Hussey…in Australia’s middle order

Which skipper could inspire you to run through brick walls?: Coach Carter

Which Smudge would win: One giant Connor or ten Mini-Me sized Adams?: One giant Connor

How do you explain such stunning blonde locks and yet such a smelly beard?
I’m a beautiful paradox, like a roguishly handsome unstoppable force colliding with an immovable object made out of branches from the ugly tree.

What is the best thing about playing at Wanneroo?: Its home!







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